OCLAY Organic Spa:

Oclay Organic Spa is a fresh take on the Asian spa experience designed to appeal to wellness lover and experienced unique organic spa goers alike.

Wellness is the key foundations of Spa, OCLAY organic feature an innovative original organic therapy treatment concept, designed to be a complete wellness experience with no added chemical, whilst respecting centuries-old healing traditions, techniques and therapies.

Drawing from vast experience both locally and internationally, our expertise in management comprises of:


  • Organic methodolory
  • Hotel and Resort active fitness programmes
  • Welness Retreat Area
  • Fitness areas


  • Weekly conference calls discussing business performance, strategy, marketing
  • Opportunities and human resources management
  • Monitoring the implementation and effectiveness of training activities
  • Close supervision from our Corporate Office


  • Method of wellness and Yoga

Empowered by Infinity Hotels and Resorts we intend to bring an organic wellness gift to the planet WORLD.

OCLAY Beauty Spa:

Oclay Beauty Spa is a new concept for those hotels and resorts who would like to generate an extra revenue in a limited available space, We provide a limited spa service to their property with efficiency.

We provide Nail Spa, Facial, Hand & Leg Spa at resonable price while maintaing our international stander of produce by Oclay Organic.

Our Expertise consisit of:

  • Nail Spa
  • Hand Spa
  • Leg Spa and Spa Product

Empowered by Infinity Hotels and Resorts we intend to bring a colourfull world of design & style to Asia.

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