Jazz Plaza– “Keeps Jazzing…”

Jazz Plaza is a hotel that promise so much more than a place to stay, we embrace the attitudes, cultures and charisma of each location, and bring an energy you can’t find anywhere like Jaz…. Keep Jazzing.

Louis Armstrong (1901-1971) is considered one of the pivotal musicians in jazz for his contributions as a trumpet player, composer and singer.

Our Jazz Hotel provides a place beyond reality, better than the everyday – where the childhood dream of Jazz sensation is all grown up. Special trained staff and 24/7 good times in the world most exciting destinations.

Jazz Plaza takes the spirit of a place and blends it with our vibrant collection of music and memorabilia. At Jazz Plaza anything can happen.

  • Connected to Musical culture - Guests are provided with a revitalized Jazz with a great view of contemporary Asia
  • International standards - reliable quality and consistent service that can be trusted
  • Straight from the heart - down-to-earth service from genuine and caring team members with enchanted music of your heart.
  • Embracing and sharing experiences - specially designed spaces, activities, food & beverages so guests can come together

Offering Hotels, Resorts & Residence
Number of rooms 75 +
Minimum Room Size 30 Sqm
Market Segment Upscale
Food & Beverage Jazz All Day Dining, Mascot Bar
Services Fitness Center & Swimming Pool
Optional Oclay Organic Spa
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