I AQUA– “An Active Beach Resort”

I Aqua presents aquamarine beach resort at beach destination, where all your dream comes true with turquoise pools and awaken laughing, sunnier and happier after serenely floating in an inner, secret lagoon with soaring palms and scents of orange blossoms carried by ocean breezes up to beach side skies. Far, far away from stress and snow, Welcome to our premier boutique AQUA Hotel offers just that – a warm, soothing and tropical ambiance where lighthearted dreams and childlike fun are naturally aroused by our 322 days of pure sunshine and sea spray! I AQUA Hotel’s pools and gardens are inspiring, but you’ll find our bigger-than-average rooms, suites and penthouses the epitome of comfort. A modern and beachy décor highlight all of the state-of-the-art amenities you may need. All rooms are freshly remodeled and ultra-clean, creating a revitalizing comfort zone for couples and families, adventurers or romancers. You’ll be awash in waves of love and happiness! Escape, play and celebrate this vacation at I AQUA Hotels & Resorts – where we take your fun seriously! Come, find your bliss and rediscover the delights of personalized concierge-like services. Our attentive staff of Village Hosts will help you find peace of mind and total relaxation. That’s what all of North Beach Village Resort hotels are ultimately about – good, old-fashioned services and outstanding rooms at a truly remarkable value. Let the fun shine in!

At I Aqua all your moment is precious and memorable, our memorable moment is built around four key pillars aimed to provide guests with full control of the most rarefied and curated experiences:

  • Slow moments at Beach Destination - introducing guests to intriguing experiences that enable them to enjoy and indulge
  • Gracious Thai Hospitality - effortless, graceful and intuitive service that makes guests feel special
  • International Elegance - through dedicated personal spaces, guests are invited to indulge in timeless style and sophistication
  • Cultural Moments - guests can, if they choose, familiarize themselves with some of the more engaging areas surrounding the property's locale

Offering Hotels, Resorts & Residence
Number of rooms 75 +
Minimum Room Size 30 Sqm
Market Segment Luxury
Food & Beverage Aquamarine Bay Bar, Signature –Thai Cuisine, All day dining.
Services Fitness Center & Swimming Pool
Optional Oclay Organic Spa
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