FacilitiesManagement :-

-we at infinity understand the concept of bulk purchase, aggregate demand and specialized service to maximize profit of hotels and resorts, From our 18 years of experience we have understood, F&B, Laundry, Breakfast are the department who never make profit as guest eat out and bring his washed cloths. Infinity contribute to hospitality world with following services:-

We have identified aura is heat evaporating from our human machine which can be seen in camera and it describe temperature of soul, situation of body and may be possible reason for future disease. Let’s understand a better technology to reach our GOD. Oclay is introducing wellness package for CEO/Directors/Managers of the company which will help them to clean his human machine and he will be able to take correct decision in development of the company. As Our soul stay in body and if home of soul is dirty we will invite negative decision making, low energy sources and future disease. Experience the life at fullest with OCLY super natural spa.. first time in the world.

Good Morning(Breakfast Services)
We understand our hotels and resorts suffers considerable amount of losses by having a full team of kitchen staff, Infinity contribute in creating, serving and managing your breakfast every day so you can control cost and provide effective breakfast to your good client.



Human resources is the biggest challenge to our industry and we are finding more and more difficulty to source talented manpower, Let us contribute in arranging your staff in any department, we have specialty in providing human resource in IT department and other managerial expat.



Oclay Super Natural
Infinity has invented a technology to convert or philosophical theory of life to real world. We believe human body is a machine and soul is our driver to run this machine, we have developed a therapies to enhance chakra which is actually a life points in human bodies.

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