Our Core Value

1. Core Value: “3 R” Recycle, Recreate & Rejuvenate = Sharing Happiness

Recycle represent green technology, multiple use of natural resources, recreate stand for recreational activity into the hotel as being unique hotel, rejuvenate means refreshing or healthy practice into the surrounding or within.

2. Vision:

I am a UNIQUE hotel!
We provide activity in a day and bed in the night. We prefer to sale PACKAGE than room, share our passion as being destination than only hotels, we saleroom with transfers (one flight time is change we change our self,) we provide third party interface into your holiday by providing number of different channel of promotion. As we sale package.
We provide experience, an experience of destination, where people can have joy of journey as staying in the hotel.

3. Our Objectives are:

1. Recreating traveller by providing them effective service so they could serve the world effectively. Providing them total experience of the destination and services beyond his expectation.

2. Creating activity in our destination so that our Guest can have a complete information about places they come to stay and our locals partner (suppliers) can preserve the cultural identity of places, We support local cultural identity of place.

3. Recycling natural resources, so we can contribute in protecting our world. We support our local partners to provide a cultural experience to our guest. So we develop together.

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