About Infinity :-

Infinity Hotels and Resorts has created a support system to hospitality world which has been a successful business culture from last 7 Years. Our concept is fresh, new and innovative as times demand now. Starting from nothing to a great accommodation establishment we contribute in creating good service oriented building infrastructure by providing “Pre-Opening service”. We help hotels and resorts with our exceptional theme base brand, that can create a niche clients and unique product to your locations withit’s own character. Our 3D technology hotel “I Galleria”, Family Hotel “Aqua”, or musical interface “Jazz Plaza” is all about creating niche client for hospitality business. Even if you have a good brand we provide Co-Branding facilities to support you with accounting, sales & marketing, software and business development. Infinity strongly believes that “Innovation” comes with better quality, ease of use, better management but cost effective . We introduce cloud computing for all our work in hospitality industry. We charge our contribution on per room basis so your hotel with medium size start participating with us for even 99/- Thb per room. Even your profit my profit scheme. (Management on GOP % No profit no expense). We recognize that many facility in hospitality industry has become a burden and expensive because of it’s diversity in management and costing, like laundry, Accounts, Kitchen, Spa and may be house keeping. Our accommodation establishment is getting losses because of limited number of rooms or lack of resources. Our decades of experience would like to contribute in following facilities management which can bring KPI and GOP of the hospitality world together to create our establishment successful and productive. We would like to introduce:-

  • Good Morning (Breakfast Services)
  • Newton Software Solutions for hospitality industry
  • Recruitment
  • OCLAY supernatural Spa

we also assist hotels and resorts to find merger and acquisition so your business survive always with maximum profit. We provide investment package, partnership packageetc for hospitality industry. Infinity is also now contributing towards making our hotels and resorts more energy efficient so we can reduce our expense on energy with Energy Efficiency Service Limited from Ministry of power, Govt of India with an support from Energy Conservation Center of Thailand. We would like to assist hotels and resorts to reduce consumption of electricity through our Energy Clinic Program. Infinity would like to contribute in making you successful because it’s you who has enabled us to become INFINITY.
Truly Yours
Infinity Team

Our Vision:- “To be an unique global hospitality management company with a clear focus on crating beautiful surrounding with best possible bed in the market”

Our Mission:-“To support hospitality community by provide “Value for Money” and support society to create best sleep possible”

Our Passion:-“Passion, Integrity, Commitment, Seamlessness, Time Management”

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